Monday, September 9, 2013

I Got Hacked!

If you got a weird e-mail from me in the past few days - something to do with Google Docs and a Must- See newsletter - well, it wasn't from me. I got hacked. I hope you didn't open it.

It seems to have been a phishing expedition of some kind. Nobody that I know of got a virus - more like the vandals were trying to get passwords. Please let me know if you opened it and what happened as a result.

So sorry about the inconvenience.

I am re-working this blog, making it better, and will be back soon.



Lou said...

Hi Deb, Is this blog still active? I have a pseudo-anthro question for an expert, has to be an atlanta person, and i hoped to ask you.

Chuck Levin said...

Sorry about the bad news Deb.

mysimplethoughts said...